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The Acupuncture Ambassadors Acupuncture Technician Basic Training Certification Course

In areas of the world where there are no existing diploma or master’s degree acupuncture school, Acupuncture Ambassadors (ACUAMB) can implement an Acupuncture Technician Basic Training Certification Course.

The ACUAMB Acupuncture Technician Basic Training Certification Course will limit the Acupuncture Technician to perform 5 treatment protocols that will cover a multitude of general aliments including emotional trauma, addictions, general and specific pain issues, digestive & respiratory ailments, immunity, preventative care and wellness.

In general, daily stress, anxiety and environmental toxicity are the cause of 70-80% of all illness of the body and mind. When acupuncture is used as an ongoing treatment, the levels of stress hormones are greatly reduced and the body is able to heal many of its on issues without other medical interventions. The protocols have been chosen specifically because they effectively treat numerous health issues and reduce the release of stress hormones leading to better general health. They are minimally invasive which is so important for the safety of the patient. They are also in general not difficult to learn for the students. In addition to these protocols, the students will be taught about fundamental anatomy and acupuncture theory. This will serve as the foundation for future in-depth study to becoming fully trained acupuncturists.

The 6 Protocols taught:

1) The NADA-Plus Protocol for Addictions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), pain, respiratory, digestive and cardiac issues. A 6 point auricular (ear) protocol.

2) The Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol for acute and chronic pain, insomnia, stress. A 6 point auricular (ear) acupuncture protocol.

3) Dr. Lee's Great Ten Needles Protocol for general wellness, fatigue, immunity, digestive issues, preventative care. Body acupuncture points.

4) Adrenal / Trauma Treatment: Protocol for old, deep seated as well as recent trauma. 3 bi-lateral, acupuncture body points

5) Moxabustion (Moxa) for Immunity (especially for immune compromised HIV and AIDS patients), digestive disorders and wellness. Leg acupuncture points.

6) Shonishin: a non-invasive, energy balancing therapy utilizing non-inserted tools and techniques originally designed for treating infants, young children and older adults. Conditions treated range from emotionally related imbalances to acute and chronic conditions.

Note: In countries that have laws preventing non-medical doctors from performing acupuncture with auricular (ear) or body needles, needle-less ear seed or magnet methods are taught and strictly abided by. Sterilization training is emphasized and all needles and ear / magnet seeds used are one-use only and are destroyed after patient treatment (use) so not to be applied again in future treatments.

After completing the three-week basic acupuncture technician training course, there will be a two-week follow-up supervision and training every 4 -5 months by a staff member (trainer) of Acupuncture Ambassadors.


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