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As we all know, fundraising is the life-blood of all non-profit organizations. We are also very aware that economics plays a big role in the amount and frequency that people can give. At this time everyone is struggling, including many non-profits. ACUAMB doesn’t wish to bombard our supporters with too many appeal emails and fundraising events here in New York City. So far our plan is to hold 2 events a year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

Certainly if you find that our work is something that you wish to support and would like to contribute to individually we will be very grateful. If you even feel moved to hold a fundraising event for Acupuncture Ambassadors in your city, state or country, your efforts will be graciously and humbly accepted and acknowledged. I can assure you that the fruits of your kindness and generosity will be used wisely. Please Contact Us first so we may discuss your intentions. Thank you.

AMG Foundation is the corporate entity of Acupuncture Ambassadors and is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

All check contributions can be made out to AMG Foundation

Mailed to:
Anthony M. Giovanniello
3537 Harpeth Springs Drive
Nashville , TN 37221

Acupuncture Ambassadors
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