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Corporate Partnerships

Acupuncture Ambassadors seeks not only individual and organizational collaborators but also corporate sponsorships. Sponsorship can come in the form of endowments or donations funding the planning, organizing, and execution of missions throughout the world.

An innovative idea is to create corporate sponsorship of individual projects such as free acupuncture health camps and ongoing sustainable permanent clinics. For example:  “The Serin Community Acupuncture Clinic of Kathmandu”,  “The Nike Community Acupuncture Clinic of Siem Reap, Cambodia” or “The Gates Foundation Acupuncture Clinic of Ho Chi Min City”. These kinds of ongoing sponsorship commitments not only serve countless individuals around the globe but add to a corporations standing in the eyes of the sponsored projects host country and the world.

If you or your corporation wishes to participate in sponsoring an individual project please Contact Us.


Acupuncture Ambassadors
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