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We at Acupuncture Ambassadors believe that global healing begins with the individual healing of mind and body of all people. Our goal is to support global healing by mainstreaming the medicine of acupuncture, so as to significantly contribute to the health and productivity of individuals worldwide, one acupucnture point at a time.

In a war-torn world there are countless victims: refugees, sufferers of torture and human trafficking and the desperately poor. Many whose life trauma have led to a medical diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the many related, stress caused maladies. In developing countries with limited or non-existent healthcare these individuals have little or no hope for relief. Their illness affects their ability to learn, work, enjoy life and contribute to their family, community, country and our world. Every day the number of these people increases by the thousands.

For centuries acupuncture has been used as an effective, economical and versatile treatment protocol for so many health issues including PTSD and its devastating symptoms such as digestive issues, chronic pain, respiratory, cardiac and nervous disorders and depression. Our Acupuncture Ambassadors are dedicated to sharing their knowledge of this ancient medicine with those in need by treating patients, setting up sustainable clinics and qualified schools to train personnel charged with their care. We serve communities independently and partner with existing humanitarian projects that are interested in adopting an integrated approach to global healthcare.


Acupuncture Ambassadors
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