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The Balance Channel

My friends, family and Acupuncture colleagues. Our organization Acupuncture Ambassadors is working with a New York TV production house on a number of media projects. The Balance Channel is one of our endeavors. Take a look, subscribe and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Thanks so much!


A Unique Integrative Medicine, Natural Health & Lifestyle Magazine Channel for YouTube

The BALANCE CHANNEL programming is based on the 8 BRANCHES of Asian Medicine, a time tested, lifestyle medicine that helps your mind, body and spirit clear blocks we sometimes have in life to help you find your BALANCE.

The 8 Branches of Asian Medicine and Good Health:
Acupuncture Meditation Nutrition Herbology Exercise Massage Feng Shui & Astrology

The BALANCE CHANNEL is an educational channel for patient and practitioner alike.

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The BALANCE CHANNEL is a media collaboration of Acupuncture Ambassadors and In Balance Media.

Acupuncture Ambassadors
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