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Hello to all our colleagues, ongoing and new supporters and dear friends,

I hope that this message finds you well.

Our 2012 Summer Fundraising efforts will be in support of a three-fold mission focus.

First Acupuncture Ambassadors has been very recently honored to be asked to contribute to the education of the Acupuncture Department at the Mae Tao Clinic. (
The clinic, located in Mae Sot, Tak Province of Thailand on the Thai-Burma Border, was founded by Dr. Cynthia Maung to provide free medical care for people fleeing the violent crackdown by the Burmese military regime following the pro-democracy student uprising of 1988. In 2010, Dr. Ulrich Huehne, an acupuncture practitioner from Germany established the Acupuncture Department with a dedicated group of the staff members who trained and acted as his assistants. Since the sad passing of Dr. Huehne in late 2010, the department’s six full time staff have tirelessly continued to treat more than 1,300 patients per year. These are patients who are of a community constantly facing the challenges presented by violence, a Burmese military government in transition and poverty. The Mae Tao Clinic organization wishes to provide their Acupuncture Department Staff with continued training and has called upon Acupuncture Ambassadors to provide this service. We are told that the staff is very eager, quick and diligent learners. We wholeheartedly embrace this request and have begun planning to schedule this mission with to initiate it before the end of 2012.

Secondly, we are planning a second visit to the Terai region of Nepal this October. This is an area close to the western Indian border where there is little governmental support for healthcare and virtually no tourism to financially support the local communities. We are planning to provide a free Acupuncture camp. We wish to continue the process started last October of exploring a permanent Acupuncture Ambassadors clinic and training programs there. The establishment of such a clinic would be invaluable to this very poor area. Part of our exploration is to continue to monitor the political situation of the region and the entire country.

And thirdly, with the sudden and recent passing of our colleague Anne Keiko Golambos of a virulent strain of malaria while on an exploratory Humanitarian Acupuncture mission to Ghana, Africa, Acupuncture Ambassadors is dedicating funds to create The Keiko Initiative. Along with Keiko’s organization The Global Clinic, The Keiko Initiative will be will be a comprehensive effort to bring together all the research available on malaria with a focus on its prevention and treatment with Chinese medicine. This will culminate with extensive and readily available resources regarding malaria worldwide available to the Humanitarian Acupuncture community and beyond.

To contribute a tax deductible gift to these missions please go to: and hit our “DONATE NOW” button. Those who wish to contribute by check can send a check or money order made out to: AMG Foundation (the non-profit organization established to support the work of Acupuncture Ambassadors) Send it to: A. Giovanniello, 3537 Harpeth Springs Drive Nashville , TN 37221

Even a small contribution adds up. As always your generous donations are deeply appreciated and will be used wisely to further the global accessibility of healthcare to those in need.

Thank you so much.
Anthony M. Giovanniello, MS., Ac., L.Ac.
Founder / Executive Director
Acupuncture Ambassadors


Acupuncture Ambassadors
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Acupuncture Ambassadors
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